‚ÄčIn late 2001, Bloomberg Press published Virtual Office Tools for a High Margin Practice: How Client-Centered Financial Advisors Can Cut Paperwork, Overhead and Wasted Hours by David J. Drucker and Joel P. Bruckenstein. Virtual Office Tools combined timeless practice management recommendations with the latest in technology to show advisors how to achieve dramatic improvements in profitability and lifestyle by following its precepts. Financial advisors applauded the book and inevitably asked the question, "How often will you revise it to keep your technology recommendations up to date?"

Most books with perishable information are revised every couple of years, or annually, at best. Authors Drucker and Bruckenstein decided this was much too slow a pace to accommodate the more frequent technological innovations available to advisors, and that a monthly publication of some sort would better serve their readers.

Hence, Technology Tools For Today (formerly Virtual Office News), their monthly newsletter, which they began publishing in January 2003. After over a decade of contributions to financial advisor technology development,

In 2015, Drucker announced his retirement at the 10th annual T3 Conference for advisors and the T3 Newsletter in its then current form was put to rest (watch for a new and exciting T3 Information Portal to launch in 2016). But the T3 legacy that Drucker and Bruckenstein established lives on through by-invitation-only tech retreats, the T3 Enterprise conference (November) and the T3 Advisor conference (February). 

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Joel Bruckenstein and David Drucker, 2012

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